Thursday, July 09, 2009

The National Anthem of Japan

The Japanese national anthem was officially adopted in 1999, but it hasn't had quite the appeal of other national anthems throughout the world. A friend of mine sent me a link to a fascinating article that may be of interest to you. It's called Something to Sing About - Japan needs an anthem that unites the nation. I highly recommend reading it. Post your comments if you want to have a discussion about it.

Below is some information not contained in the article. First is the lyrics of the song, second is the melody.


May your reign
Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations,
Until the pebbles
Grow into boulders
Lush with moss

Poetic English
May Japan's Reign
Last for ten thousand years
May her stones turn to rocks
May those rocks turn to boulders
May Japan Reign and Flourish

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