Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bach Leads Japanese to Faith in Jesus Christ

The Asia Pacific Times has a wonderful report on the popularity of Bach in Japan.

Ms. Shikata, a Japanese woman we know well travels to Germany frequently, sings with a semi-professional choir that only sings Bach pieces, and, well, is just nuts about the guy.

Click on the following title to read the article: Where Bach was jailed, Asians Pay Homage


Scot Eaton said...

VERY interesting article. It's just like God to have one small event from 400 years ago bring people to Him today.

While I doubt that the fugue is any more sacred or holy than punk rock, I will praise God that it is having such an effect on Japanese people.

Daniel Jagt said...

Hey there Paul,

I'd love to hear more about your work in Japan with worship & the arts.

Please email me at daniel dot jagt at gmail dot com.



Paul Nethercott said...

Hi Daniel, will get in touch soon!