Thursday, November 13, 2008

View Mujo No Kaze Online Here

Mujo No Kaze (MNK) is the first film that I produced. It was an enriching experience that I enjoyed a lot. MNK was shot on location in Tokyo two years ago when Biola teacher Dean Yamada brought twelve students from Biola University as our production crew.

At this time, I am working on producing our second film with Biola; a group of fifteen will come in Jan 09 to shoot "Jitensha" on location here in Tokyo. It promises to be an excellent film.

Please let us know what you think about Mujo No Kaze:

Mujo No Kaze Movie from Studio Re: on Vimeo.


David said...

Great film Paul, I'm looking forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Robin said...

Just watched it on dvd. Great work, and I'm excited to see what else comes out of Studio Re.

yuiny said...

I watched the DVD a couple of weeks ago. It was shorter than I expected (then again, I'm not sure why I expected it to be longer either!) but I really liked some of the scenery and the story flow in general. Good job! :)

Stacey Lovett said...

I like that it introduces spiritual questions without getting too heavy into the Gospel. I think it's a great way to get a conversation flowing about spiritual things without it feeling to intense to a Japanese person. I could envision myself using it in some way.

Great Commission Ministries
Full-time campus ministry at U of IL, part-time in Japan

Richard W. said...

Hey Paul - this looks great - I'll pass it on to my former student who's into film-making and studying English Lit. at Sophia. Stacey Lovett sent it to me.


NB said...

Watching it I was thinking about "what do most Japanese stories have in common?"

They all find that one person, one group to depend on. They need that more than anything. Being alone is the worst thing ever.

Then I started thinking about the family of Christ, and kinship of the Spirit.

This is a great beginning for something.