Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Film Showing that God is at Work in Japan

Studio Re: has produced our first "My Story" -- a series of videos featuring Japanese sharing how God is at work in their lives. Genuine and winsome, this series speaks to the heart and appeals to a wide audience. Some amazing circumstances allowed us to produce this video including funding to buy a $6,000 mac computer for editing.

I want to recognize and thank Megumi, Scot, Shane, Josh, Graham, and Tim for all you did to make this happen! Featuring original music composed for this series by Tim, we are really pleased to make this short film available on the Internet.

Please make use of this!
  • Send the youtube link for this video to your friends, here it is:
  • Copy the "embed" code that appears next to the video on youtube and paste it into your blog or web site.
  • Show it to your Sunday school class or small group
  • Use it as part of a message or Bible study
Please leave comments with ideas on how to use this video and/or input on how we can improve it.

A previous post from this blog regarding Studio Re:


"Studio Re:" is an innovative initiative that I have the great privilege of being a part of. We have an amazing team forming around our vision of "Impacting Japanese culture through redemptive films."

“Studio Re:” is a group of Christian artists who are producing films that lead Japanese to discover that there is more to life...much more.

We produce films in a variety of genres that present redemptive content and pose crucial questions. These films seek to affect and change the shape of contemporary Japanese culture and its inhabitants by assuming a biblical paradigm; offering redemption instead of separation, hope instead of resignation, design instead of chaos. It is a sowing ministry that will prepare the minds and hearts of the Japanese in order to shorten the spiritual distance between them and Jesus Christ.

Our strategy:
  • To establish a team of empowered, dedicated staff with common values who live out their faith.
  • To gain, interact and follow up with our audience via the Internet.
  • To cultivate a library of award-winning films that are redemptive and have value to Japanese society.
  • To collaborate closely with key churches, schools, and other groups
  • To build a solid business plan that results in financial stability
A film we produced in collaboration with Biola University won first place at the 2008 Inigo Film Festival. You can view the trailer for Mujo No Kaze at the following web site:

If you want to help with this vision, or know someone else who you think might want to be involved, leave a comment on this blog or write to me at pnethercott (at)

In particular, we are looking for skilled, dedicated people to come and work with us for at least two years.

We are also looking for $30,000 dollars to buy equipment and pay other expenses related to producing films. But, small contributions will help and are deeply appreciated.

Studio Re: is part of CAN (Christians in the Arts Network), which is a Tokyo based project under TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission.) Contributions are tax deductible and can be sent to:

TEAM P.O. Box 969 Wheaten, Illinois 60187

Online contributions are also an option at the TEAM Home Page. Select "Japan" under the "ministry area" tab and then under the "project" tab select "Christians in the Arts Network."

For more information:
Email: (at)
Studio Re: Web Site:


Scot Eaton said...

Thanks for posting this, Paul. I also want to add that the music in the second half was composed by, and used with the permission of, Greg Pak. []

Paul Nethercott said...

Thanks Scot for adding that information. And, thanks for finding the music of Greg and getting permission to use it!