Friday, March 21, 2008

“Channel of Hope”

Redemptive Media For Japanese

Photo by Dan Waber

Produce quality, captivating films, in Japanese, that will “connect” with mainstream Japanese and draw them towards putting their faith in Jesus Christ. We will use the strategy of building bridges to people by telling great stories and by posing the great questions of life. “Channel of Hope” is a “New Media” approach that will allow interactivity and worldwide distribution via the Internet. We will pursue leveraging the “Power For Living” campaign by seeking permission to feature several of the celebrities that took part in that project. We will also network, encourage, and empower a select group of individuals in the art of filmmaking.

There is considerable interest in Christianity in Japan, especially among youth. A comprehensive study of Japanese people and religion - conducted by Gallup - documented that six to seven percent of Youth identify themselves as ‘Christian’. Another research project – ‘Elijah Symposium’ - identified 7% of the youth of Japan as ‘hot prospects’ for the Gospel.

For information on the strategic opportunity for Internet based outreach in Japan, see the Internet Evangelism Day Site.

What We See:
  • A skilled, dedicated core team with common values & vision.
  • A small cadre of Christians trained and equipped to become influential leaders in Japan’s film industry.
  • A partnership with several key churches and ministries.
  • A large network of churches, groups, and individuals praying for and supporting the project.
  • A personal connection (via the interactive channel on youtube) between viewers and a believer who will follow up on questions, comments, and provide referals to local churches.
  • A growing library of award-winning, redemptive films in a wide variety of genres (five films the first year, ten more the second).
  • A well-funded project with a good business plan that results in long-term financial stability.
  • A project that benefits Japanese society by addressing social issues such as suicide, depression, and the hikikomori syndrome.

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