Saturday, September 29, 2007

Danny Doyal & House Church

Last evening I was in the central area of Tokyo where Avery Toves and I met with Yu Shibuya and his friend Danny Doyal. Danny is a Christian guy who works as a DJ in the LA underground scene.

We had a great conversation about a lot of things but what most interested me was his church in LA. He is the pastor of a small "house church." Danny said "it is a group of friends who didn't fit into established chruches." They hang out together at the home of one of the members. They hold meetings but have almost none of the "normal" church programing and organization. Right now I am listening to Danny's CD "turntable praise" which is a fascinating mixture of worship, black gospel, pop, and techno, with some "preaching" spliced in the crevices.

There are a growing number of similar house church groups in the US. This is also happening in Japan. One group of house churches in Tokyo meet in Karaoke bars, which are cheap to rent by the hour and places where people are used to going to.

Danny is part of a new wave of young Christians who don't really "fit" in any of the old categories. He is also one of a growing number of media savvy, artistic, internationalized Christians who have a great deal to offer to our world.

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Andrew said...

Hi Paul,
I don't know you, but I think I know both of the people you are talking about. That's cool.

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