Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Matt Redman & Louis Giglio in Tokyo by Nancy Nethercott

Last night I (Nancy) traveled across Tokyo to a Passion Night of Worship and Teaching with Matt Redman (and his band from England) leading a time of worship through music and prayer (he even sang a chorus in Japanese!). Then Louis Giglio (from Atlanta, GA) gave a great message followed by more singing in response to the message. It was so moving to see 1,000 young Japanese (plus a number of foreigners) praising God with all their strength, soul, and heart. It is our prayer and belief that this event is one part of a new thing God is doing in Japan. They led us in worship with a biblical rhythm of "revelation and response" [hearing what God has to say and responding to it]. Louis' message echoed Henri Nouwen's "Life of the Beloved" theme of the need to be "taken, blessed, broken and given". By the way, this is one of my favorite books and one I HIGHLY recommend!

Please pray that God would use those 1,000 people as instruments of His grace, love, and salvation in this land where only ½ of 1% of the population of 127 million + profess Christ as Lord.

On the way home there was a suicide on our train line (sadly, a common occurrence...I got stopped on Thursday for the same reason!). A heartbreaking ending to a wonderful evening; it brought home the reality of the need for Christ in this land.

NOTE: Louis Giglio announced at this event that he plans to hold a Passion Conference in Tokyo. A reliable source says that Passion Tokyo may take place in Oct. of 2008.

Photo of Matt Redman with our friend and CAN staff Faith Amano (in black hat)

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