Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good Art/Bad Art -- Quote by Cartoonist Doug TenNapel

"There really are Christians who are thinking,
'If we could just save Brad Pitt, then God could
really do wonders in Hollywood.' That's what God
really needs, you see. God needs Brad Pitt in
order to be taken seriously. More people would
listen if God had Brad Pitt on his side."

"People want a quick fix. Christians are going to
have to learn that art isn't automatically good
if it's made by Christians. And Hollywood will
have to learn that art isn't automatically bad if
it's made by Christians."

Doug TenNapel Home Page

Source: Terry Mattingly's religion column for 1/31/07

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Mike Lee said...

I saw this before, but didn't pay attention to who said it. After recalling that TenNapel was one of the creators of Earthworm Jim, that said game was a major influence in my teen years and now discovering that he is actually a committed Christian, it actually made my jaw drop.

The kicker is, I found all of this out while making pixel art for my own indie game. :P Thanks for posting this and God bless.