Sunday, December 10, 2006

United Band in Tokyo, Nov. 19, 2006

From David Tensen's Blog: Last weekend was fantastic! Hillsong United Band came to Tokyo from Australia for one night and we saw 1900 people pack the hall of Aoyama Gakuin University. Tickets were sold out two weeks before the event and the people were lining up in the rain for over an hour to get in and grab a good seat. There was nothing stopping them! Some had travelled hours for the concert - it was soo great and the United team love Tokyo and really enjoyed playing at the service. They played around 20 songs and around 200 people responded to call to follow Christ. Which is amazing for Japan!

My Comment: I attended this concert, it was incredible to see the crowd's enthusiasm and energy. There is no question that the spiritual climate in Japan has changed. This kind of thing did not happen in Japan a few years ago. Now, similar events are taking place around the country, including large black gospel concerts.

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